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Short course qualifications in the fast-growing hospitality sector offer opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of professional areas. The qualifications are designed to provide a specific focus within a particular vocational discipline. For those already working in the sector, the qualifications may help demonstrate commitment and enable progression within the workplace.
|| Short course qualifications on ||
|| Food and Beverage Service || Front Office Operations || House Keeping ||

Course information:

Title Short Certificate Course
Total Hours 116 hrs
Accreditation start Every Month
Certification end End of the course
Course duration 04 Weeks
Qualification Required Minimum SSC
Tuition Fees 12,000 BDT

|| Food and Beverage Production ||

Course information:
Title Short Certificate Course
Total Hours 162 hrs
Accreditation start Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sep/Nov
Certification end End of the course
Course duration 06 Weeks
Qualification Required Minimum SSC
Tuition Fees 15,000 BDT
|| Certificate Course Level-1 on ||
|| Food and Beverage Service || Front Office Operations || House Keeping || || Food and Beverage Production ||
Course information:
Title Certificate Course level-1
Total Hours 288 hrs
Accreditation start Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct
Certification end End of the course
Course duration 12 Weeks
Qualification Required Minimum HSC
Tuition Fees 30,000 BDT
|| Additional Course ||
Hospitality Language Courses:
VWIHM provides 207 hours free teaching out of total 315 hours of intensive language courses on.

01. English
02. Japanise
03. French
04. Malaysian
05. Hindi
06. Arabic

|| Fundamental Courses ||
Cash Handling
Cleaning & Hygiene

|| Scholarship ||

VWIHM offers the following scholarship:

Minimum 25% tuition fee waiver for CGPA 3.1 or equivalent in both HSC and SSC
Minimum 15% tuition fee Waiver for CGPA 3.1 or equivalent in SSC


|| Admission Requirements ||

In order to be eligible for admission a student must secure a minimum of second division or equivalent at all levels. A student with a third division at any level will not be considered for admission. This is applicable for all departments, all subjects and all faculties. Selection of students is made strictly on the basis of the result of the written admission test. Prescribed application form will be available in the Institute on payment of the usual fee. Completed application in prescribed form will be submitted in the Institute. All applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

a. Attested copy of the Certificate and Mark sheet of S.S.C. Examination, or equivalent Examination.
b. Attested copy of the certificate and Mark sheet of H.S.C. Examination, or equivalent Examination.
c. One stamp size and four-attested passport size photographs. One of the passport size photographs will be returned to the candidate with signature and seal of the officer authorized by the University. This will be retained by the candidate to be produced for his identification when necessary.
d. A statement acknowledging the payment of admission fees.
All information regarding admission will be found on the notice board and catalog of VWIHM as well as, from the Student Information Desk of the Institute. The written test for admission will be held as per schedule announced by the Institute.

|| International Student ||

VWIHM provides access to the international students for all the programs provided they fulfill the admission requirements as laid down for the local students. However, the requirement of board interview may be waived. In that case, evaluation of students will be done on the basis of previous academic records.
Each student is responsible for knowing the rules, regulations, academic requirements and disciplinary policies of the university. He/she is expected to live in accordance with good moral values and comply with all the rules and regulations of VUB either on campus or outside. Politics is completely prohibited on campus.
Students attending classes' on-campus are required to attend all scheduled class sessions unless accepted by the instructor. Reasons for an excused absence include: illness of student or of a member of the student's immediate family, death in the student's immediate family, work-related activities resulting in the student being required to miss class, weather conditions making travel hazardous.

A student who misses three or more class sessions on unexcused reasons is notified in writing that he or she will be dropped from the class roster & will be awarded a W (withdrawal) grade unless:
a. The student notifies the University of his or her intention to discontinue the course.
b. The student makes satisfactory arrangements with the instructor to make up for missed assignments.
A student may be dismissed from the Institute for any of the following reasons:
a. In the opinion of the faculty, the student's behavior is disruptive.
b. The student has three or more unexcused absences from class.
c. The student is found to have cheated or to have helped another student to cheat in course work, exams, assignments or      written papers.
d. Providing the Institute with false application or enrollment information.
e. Repeated disruptive behavior in classes or on Institute campus.

NOTE: In all cases of dismissal, the student has the right to appeal against a decision under the University's formal Student Grievance Policy.

A Career in hospitality can take you where you want to go – from across the city or town to across the world. New hotels and resorts are developed every year and there are a variety of employment opportunities offered to graduates.

The Diploma in Hotel Management prepares you for employment in hotel, resorts, clubs, cruise ships and more.

Career Opportunities are found in areas, such as Food & Beverages, Hotel Front Office, Event Management, Executive Housekeepers, Restaurant Management, Human Resources, Public Relations, Sales and Marketing and more.

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