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About Us:
Vita World Tourism established in 2005 is today one of the leading players in the leisure and business segments of Bangladesh travel & tourism industry and perhaps the only integrated travel management group with a complete professional management.
Our pedigree is the largest private sector, multi product, multi business organization in Bangladesh with diverse business interests. From the very popular classical or Eco tours management we are now even closely involved in building up one of the most prestigious world class 5 star chain hotels. We have also a large fleet of world class luxurious vehicle to especially meet the tourist demand.

The range we offer is much diverged from special interest tours to adventure Ecotourism trekking, archeological tours, shopping tours, festival of Bangladesh tour programs and a host of other thematic programs.
We handle all tour arrangements for clients visiting Bangladesh from all over the world. We invite our travelers to Discover Bangladesh through our innovative and Unique Holiday programs, which will kindle the spirit of discovery and make them want to revisit our land again and again.

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Our Other Service:
Hotel Booking in Bangladesh
Hotel Booking in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Singapore, Thailand
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Conference Room Reservation
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