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VITA WORLD has Two International Standard Luxurious Restaurants. VITA WORLD is the unique place from where you can see the greenery beauty of Indian hills, fantastic and fascinating interior decoration, detachment from chorus and bustle of city life and especially peerless taste of all cuisine.

Restaurant "CHONDONA" is our very formal restaurant. Located on the first floor and serves tasty quality English, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian and Bangladeshi cuisines. Special Buffet lunch is always available here @ 550 & 690 and always ready to availab le service for 80 persons. It is decorated alike the vibrant of Japanese & Bangladeshi Culture.

Restaurant Mohona designed for quick service of tasty, wholesome food. It is located on the Ground Floor and has a capacity for catering to 120 persons. Generally Bangladeshi cuisines are available here. You may take food from our set menu in a lower price only @ BDT 200 & 240 only.

"AKANTO (BASORI)" A personalise restaurant and a designated place where weddings, family & cultural programs, also Personal Meeting can be held under comfortable and convenient circumstances. (Tariff is @ BDT 1000 per hour).

Fast Food, Sweets & café Corner

A modern fast food and cafe corner is on ground floor (South block). Of course, we can ensure if you take the taste of our sweets & Bakery items it will remain on your mouth, this is our confirmation. Also has capacity for 70 persons.

(Special Discount available for Frequent & Corporate).

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