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Fast Food, Snacks & Sweets Breakfast Bangladeshi Cuisine Indian Cuisine
Thai & Chinese Cuisine English & Italian Dishes Japanise Cuisine, Beverage, Tea-Coffee & Dessert Buffet Lunch

All below prices are subject to 9% VAT+ 5% Service charge
We are honoured & proud to get a scope to serve you
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Japanese Cuisine, Beuerage, Tea-Coffee & Dessert
Japanese Food
Japanese Noodles Tk. 570 Order Now
Miso-Shiro Soup Tk. 480 Order Now
Grilled Tofu (Yaki Tofu) Tk. 200 Order Now
Grilled Onagi (Yaki Onagi) Tk. 630 Order Now
Tempura (6 pcs) Tk. 520 Order Now
Soft Drinks
Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, 7up, Fanta, RC (Bottle) Tk. 20 Order Now
Coke, Sprite, Pepsi, 7up, Fanta, RC, Vergin, Diet Cola (Cane) Tk. 40 Order Now
Coke / Sprit / Pepsi / 7up / RC (2 Ltr) Tk. 120 Order Now
Coke / Sprit / Pepsi / 7up / RC (1 Ltr) Tk. 70 Order Now
Mineral Water (2 & 1.5 Ltr) Tk. 40 Order Now
Mineral Water (1 Ltr) Tk. 25 Order Now
Mineral Water (500 ml) Tk. 20 Order Now
Hot Pot
Tea Tk. 15 Order Now
Ice Tea Tk. 30 Order Now
Jesmin Tea Tk. 50 Order Now
Japanese Tea Tk. 220 Order Now
Fresh Cow Milk Tk. 70 Order Now
Nescafe Cup Tk. 35 Order Now
Coffee Mug Tk. 80 Order Now
Capacino Coffee Tk. 100 Order Now
Fruits Custard Tk. 220 Order Now
Fruits Fooding Tk. 80 Order Now
Fruits Salada Tk. 330 Order Now
Faluda Tk. 190 Order Now
Sweet Curd Tk. 40 Order Now
Firnni Tk. 70 Order Now
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