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Fast Food, Snacks & Sweets Breakfast Bangladeshi Cuisine Indian Cuisine
Thai & Chinese Cuisine English & Italian Dishes Japanise Cuisine, Beverage, Tea-Coffee & Dessert Buffet Lunch

All below prices are subject to 9% VAT+ 5% Service charge
We are honoured & proud to get a scope to serve you
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English & Italian Dishes
Fried Chicken Tk. 280 Order Now
Fishmeat Ball Tk. 260 Order Now
Shrimp Cocktail Tk. 240 Order Now
Grilled Fish Tk. 270 Order Now
Fish Monier Tk. 210 Order Now
Fresh Seasonal Salad Tk. 140 Order Now
Russian Salad Tk. 270 Order Now
Fruits Salad Tk. 250 Order Now
Fruits Cocktail Tk. 290 Order Now
Cold Meat Salad Tk. 250 Order Now
Chicken Saslic Tk. 180 Order Now
Grilled Chicken (full) Tk. 350 Order Now
Chicken Steak/Paper Steak Tk. 270 Order Now
Clear Tomato Soup Tk. 220 Order Now
Cream of Chicken Soup Tk. 240 Order Now
Cream of Vegetable Soup Tk. 200 Order Now
Mashroom Soup Tk. 250 Order Now
Lentel Soup Tk. 180 Order Now
Spaghette Meat Souce Tk. 320 Order Now
Spaghette Mediterranea(Shrimp, tomato, chilli, Garlic etc) Tk. 340 Order Now
A-la Siciliana (Vetki Fish, Shrimp, Olive, Mushroom etc) Tk. 340 Order Now
Spaghette Nepolian Dana (Dry Chilli, Gurlic, Olive Oil, with Paper) Tk. 320 Order Now
Apollo Arosto (Grilled Chicken) Tk. 370 Order Now
Vegetable Pizza Tk. 140 Order Now
Pizza Margarita (Tomato, Cheese etc) Tk. 320 Order Now
Mexican Hot (Tomato, Cheese, Onion, Hot Green Chilli etc.) Tk. 340 Order Now
Oriental Hot (Tomato, Cheese, Meat Souce, Green Chilli etc.) Tk. 370 Order Now
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