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Fast Food, Snacks & Sweets Breakfast Bangladeshi Cuisine Indian Cuisine
Thai & Chinese Cuisine English & Italian Dishes Japanise Cuisine, Beverage, Tea-Coffee & Dessert Buffet Lunch

All below prices are subject to 9% VAT+ 5% Service charge
We are honoured & proud to get a scope to serve you
  Menu Price Action
Bangladeshi Cuisine
Plain Rice Tk. 45 Order Now
Steamed Rice Tk. 70 Order Now
Plain Polau Tk. 100 Order Now
Bhuna Khichuri (Mutton/Beef) Tk. 250 Order Now
Chicken Biriyani Tk. 270 Order Now
Mutton Biriyani Tk. 300 Order Now
Mixed Vegetable Salad Tk. 60 Order Now
Green Salad Tk. 35 Order Now
Mixed Vegetable Fry Tk. 50 Order Now
Mixed Vegetable Curry Tk. 50 Order Now
Mixed Vegetable Dopiaza Tk. 70 Order Now
Vharta (Prawn, Dry Fish, Bringle etc. ) Tk. 50 Order Now
Rui/Katla Fish Fri/Bhuna (Imported) Tk. 180 Order Now
Rui/Katla Fish Fri/Bhuna (Country Collection) Tk. 250 Order Now
Pabda Fish Bhuna/Dopiaza Tk. 270 Order Now
Mustard Hilsha Tk. 210 - 320 Order Now
Hilsha Fish Bhuna/Dopiaza Tk. 190 - 300 Order Now
Pomfret Bhuna/Dopiaza Tk. 230 - 330 Order Now
Prawn Bhuna/Dopiaza Tk. 230 - 370 Order Now
King Prawn Bhuna/Dopiaza (150gm-250gm) Tk. 400 - 690 Order Now
Chicken Bhuna (Country Collection) Tk. 140 Order Now
Chicken Bhuna (Poultry Collection) Tk. 100 Order Now
Chicken Jhalfry/Dopiaza (Country Collection) Tk. 150 Order Now
Chicken Jhalfry/Dopiaza (Poultry Collection) Tk. 120 Order Now
Beef Bhuna Tk. 165 Order Now
Beef Jhalfry Tk. 165 Order Now
Mutton Bhuna/Jhalfry Tk. 200 Order Now
Mutton Jhalfry Tk. 170 Order Now
Chicken Bhuna/Jhalfry Tk. 175 Order Now
Plain Dal Tk. 30 Order Now
Dal Butter Fry Tk. 80 Order Now
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