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Bangladesh is a destination for all classes of tourists. Of course longest unbreakable sea beach of the world Cox's Bazar, greenery beauty of hill tracts area, tribal life, natural habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger "Sundarbon" the world heritage, Kuakata sea beach from where you can buy lyrica see the sun rise and sun set, many more historical and Archeological Sights, monuments, shrines, tea gardens of Sylhet and also water fall: her glamorous beauties will attract you all.
The traditional hospitality of Bangladeshi people, its vibrant and colourful culture and varity of tasty food are matchless. You can get a long glimpse of this in your VITA WORLD Tourism Complex.It is going to be only international standard tourism complex, joint venture with Japan on Dhaka­­-Chittagong highway at Chiora, Chowddogram, Comilla.

Dhaka is the administrative and financial capital and is well complemented by the major commercial portcity of Chittagong. The highway linking these two important urban centers is frequented by all kinds of travellers. For their varity of needs and tastes we have set up a luxurious tourism complex on the midpoint of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway. VITA WORLD is132km from Dhaka and 130km from Chittagong. If you are on this highway you can always depend on VITA WORLD to make your stopover a memorable one. Our commitment is to provide you with hospitality and service which are of world class.

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